Reopening After Covid 19 Closure

A few Changes

The Farmers Arms will be employing additional precautions to protect their customers and staff, this will produce a slightly different experience from the one we are used to.

Perhaps the biggest change is that for the foreseeable future customers will be required to ‘check in’ before you sit down. The Prime Minister has ordered that pubs and restaurants must ask customers to provide contact details when they arrive to help the NHS track and trace programme. This information will be held for three weeks.

We are opening both indoor and outdoor sections of the pub and orders will be taken at a service point near the bar with a rapid one-way flow control system.

Other order may be taken at your table at busy times.

Social Distancing

Customers will be encouraged to follow the Government’s Social Distancing guidelines and endeavour to stay, where possible, two metres away from anyone they do not live with or share a ‘bubble’ with, such as physically close working colleagues, close family groups etc.


Our bed and breakfast facilities will also be resuming on 17th May (call us for availability).


Information taken from customers to assist the NHS’s ‘Track and Trace’ programme will be treated as we treat all sensitive personal data. It will be used solely for the purpose of the ‘Track and Trace’ programme and will be held in all other aspects, in confidence, until it is no longer required.

Should you wish to be placed upon our ‘Mailing List’, to be advised of further events and matters of local interest, please continue to use the form on our website.